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About Us

What is CROC?

Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer (CROC) is a grass roots cancer survivorship organization established in 1999 whose sole purpose is to support survivors and their families who strive to “turn tragedy into triumph” thru:

support events




grant application oversight

with love, compassion, empathy and warmth in a nonjudgmental, safe and non-discriminatory environment

Years providing support

Grants distributed

Dollars granted

Lives touched

We vow to replace the metaphorical, stiff white coat of the medical system with a warm, soft blanket of love for our survivors.

Our Story

Over the Years


The Seedlings Of Necessity

Recognition of the “special” challenges facing the cancer patient and lack of specialized/individualized support and advocacy, especially in the Hudson Valley


Powerful Observations

Involvement with ACS and Relay for Life

Recognition of the powerful bond between cancer patients and survivors within waiting rooms/clinics/hospitals/outside world


Taking the plunge

Establishment of CROC – Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer – 1st grassroots not-for-profit cancer support group in the Hudson Valley formed by cancer survivors for cancer survivors


The first decade

Dozens of lectures and advocacy training

100s of events

1,000s of meals and support groups

10,000s encounters with patients, survivors, families and friends

Our Foundation

CROC’s Four Pillars

Engender informality to eradicate fear

Disseminate information to ensure proper shared decision making

Encourage approachability to derive better outcomes

Demand accessibility to abolish health disparities

The Power of the Survivor Equation

The power of the survivor is exponentially increased the number of survivors in the network and inversely proportional to the amount of resources and information available to diminish fear.