Director’s Corner – Year 20

There is no denying the fact that 20-year CROC resembles little of baby CROC.

Forged within the powerful bonds of survivorship, in a day when there were no grass root support organizations in the Hudson Valley, the first 10 years represented a happening unlike anything I have ever seen, or will ever likely see again.

It was a decade of:

  • Laughter and tears
  • Food and fun
  • Music and poetry
  • Lectures and learning
  • Advocacy and vibrancy

Happily the Universe took note of the glaring needs of survivorship, and responded briskly with grant monies, research, and a fertile field of support mechanisms.


Our Second Decade

Recognizing the need to adapt and evolve, rather than shrivel and die, the last 10 years have been equally impactful, but certainly different as we managed the Celebrate Life Half Marathon grant process which funneled money to needy survivors for their emergency medical and personal care.

I personally invite you to leaf through this year’s annual report which quantifies the great work done by Myriam Loor over the last 11 years.


Moving forward…

What the next 10 years brings is anybody’s guess.

Survivors have long taught me that every breath is a gift, and every moment a miracle.

What I do know is that CROC must once again evolve into something useful and relevant to honor its courageous constituency.

Perhaps it will be through publications embodying the lessons learned over 2 decades working with survivors.

Perhaps it will be through educational forums shared through the expanding and ubiquitous resource of social media.

Regardless of what shape this evolution takes, trust that we will strive to consecrate the efforts and sacrifices of our heroes.