Ep7: You’re Gonna Put That Scope Where?

Ep7: You’re Gonna Put That Scope Where?

The CROC Podcast
The CROC Podcast
Ep7: You're Gonna Put That Scope Where?


On today’s Episode we have  Dr. Paramjeet Singh in the studio to discuss Colon & Rectal Cancer and he’ll help us demystify the surveillance process (i.e. the Colonoscopy).

We are taking a break from the Defining Survivorship module, and will with this episode launch our Surveillance module.

More about Dr. Paramjeet Singh, M.D., FACS specializes in General Surgery and is Medical Director of Surgical Oncology. Dr. Singh provides patients with hepato-biliary surgical, trauma surgery surgical oncology services, as well as being a member of the Medical Group’s General Surgery team. He is a member of prestigious societies such as, American Society of Breast Surgeons and American College of Surgeons and Society of Surgical Oncology.





Dr. Paramjeet Singh is also an artist. He is an example of one of his artworks:










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The Stranger by Albert Camus

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