The CROC Podcast
Ep3: Seasons of Survivorship


Today The CROC Podcast will continue on with part 2 of last weeks episode called Defining Survivorship Introduction. Today we talk about Defining Survivorship Seasons of Survival.

Last week we introduced you to Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan who was an American physician, writer, educator, and social activist. He participated in the founding of the Student Health Organization, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, Seed Global Health, and the Beyond Flexner Alliance. We referenced article from the New England Journal of Medicine from 1985 Vol. 313 pages 270-273.

Today we will have Greer Cooper, a Cancer Survivor, in the studio to provide us with her experience and description of Cancer Survivorship.

Module: Defining Survivorship

Episode: Seasons of Survivorship




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