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Ep24: Breakfast with the President


Please join Angel and Dr. E. as they hand over the mic to two time cancer survivor, civil rights activist, community leader, and urban housing pioneer and advocate Ramon Rueda.

We promise you will be mesmerized by Ramon’s testimony and historical journey from a small hill town in Puerto Rico, to the New York City barrio and the south Bronx. Through Ramon’s lens we relive the Kennedy-Johnson civil rights agenda, the marches and speeches of Martin Luther king, his battles with the FBI as a conscientious objector, champion of enrollment of minorities into the SUNY college system, and finally his most impactful legacy of helping to rebuild the south Bronx from a ground zero war zone to respectable low income housing for the oppressed, underserved and abandoned.

His story is so unbelievable that it was recounted on national television, and capped by a personal visit from President Carter and a visit to the White House. You can’t make this stuff up!

Module: Heroes

Episode: Breakfast with the President


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