The CROC Podcast
The CROC Podcast
Ep37: Thyroid Cancer Part 1


Focus on Thyroid Cancer

Please join Angel and Dr. E as they begin construction on the Site Specific Module Series that will eventually include all cancer sites.

We begin by deep diving into well differentiated thyroid cancer; a very unique, complex and poorly understood and confusing cancer.

Part 1 will include

What is a thyroid and what does it do
How to manage thyroid nodules
Biopsies of nodules
Genetics of thyroid cancer
Different types of thyroid cancer
Thyroid Surgery and surgeons

Part 2 will include
Part 1 recap
The 3 buckets of thyroid cancer
Iodine 131, total body scans, Thyrogen , and thyroglobulin
TSH suppression and the pituitary thyroid feedback loop
How to manage structural and non structural recurrences
Metastatic Disease
What’s on the horizon

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CROC gratitude shout outs

Angel Santana – Have Faith Let It Begin
Rod Freeman – Small Biz Up

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Wishing all of our cancer survivors a very long, healthy, happy and cancer-free life.