The CROC Podcast
The CROC Podcast
Ep28: For Whom The Bell Tolls


Join Angel and Dr. E. as they take a deep dive into the end of treatment Cancer Bell experience. Together with friend and survivor Becky Filipowski, they explore 2 articles looking at the pros and cons of this moving and inspiring ceremony.

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Becky’s story

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Heuristics – simple, efficient rules, learned or inculcated by evolutionary processes, that have been proposed to explain how people make decisions, come to judgements, and solve problems typically when facing complex problems or incomplete information.

Peak–end rule  is a psychological heuristic in which people judge an experience largely based on how they felt at its peak (i.e., its most intense point) and at its end, rather than based on the total sum or average of every moment of the experience.

Articles referenced:

Ringing the Bell at the End of Treatment: Assessment of Patients’ Experiences in a Latin American Center

The Cancer Bell: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Coaches vs. Cancer

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Wishing all of our cancer survivors a very long, healthy, happy and cancer-free life.