There Is No Crying In Baseball,
But Is There Crying In Oncology?

Is it ok for your doctor to cry with you?

A famous photograph taken outside of a California ER
A recent commercial for Cancer Research fundraising
And thousands of personal moments of sadness and witness to pain, fear, and suffering all bring Angel and Dr E to investigate this controversial and visceral question on this podcast

Referenced on the show


It’s All In The Why | Stand Up To Cancer: https://youtu.be/-EpVhtdCXWA

The Physician’s Tears: Experiences and Attitudes of Crying Among Physicians and Medical Interns


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Angel Santana – Have Faith Let It Begin
Rod Freeman – Small Biz Up

Charlotte Larsen – http://www.charlottelarsen.net/
Michael Benzaia – https://www.michaeljohnbenzaia.com/

Wishing all of our cancer survivors a very long, healthy, happy and cancer-free life.

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