The CROC Podcast
The CROC Podcast
Ep30: Caregiver burnout


Our CROC nation has been feasting on the module, “what do patients want from their caregivers?”
Today Angel and Dr. E begin a new module exploring the opposite question and take a deep dive on the all too common phenomenon of caregiver burnout; how to recognize it in yourself and your healthcare team and how to manage, treat and prevent this nefarious enemy of great oncology care!!!!

Module: What you DON’T want from your caregiver (Premier)

Episode: Caregiver burnout



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Burnout In Radiation Therapy: Examining The Six Leading Influences


Recent studies are highlighting the dangers of burnout amongst healthcare workers, including radiation therapists. Since burnout is associated with an increase in medical errors (Sanchez-Reilly, 2013), it affects both the well-being of the patient and patient satisfaction scores, which are important to a hospital’s reputation. Burnout has a positive correlation with job dissatisfaction and increased employee turnover, making it both a financial and quality issue. Organizations acknowledge that burnout leads to unhappy employees, and unhappy employees are less likely to be engaged in their work, thereby not producing the best “products” (Sehlen, 2009). By examining which components seem to be the most influential on pronounced expressions of burnout, leadership can focus on reducing the major influences effect on their employees…

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