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Ep49: Deep Listening (1 of 6 in Role of Kindness)

Module: Role of Kindness in Cancer Care
Episode: Deep Listening

Did you ever decide to take “that leap of faith,” drop your guard, and unload that dark inner secret you have been burdened with for years to a friend.
You hope for understanding, validation, empathy; but find they constantly interrupt you to discuss their own drama, or even worse, realize they aren’t even listening!!!

Imagine that the person who you need to listen most; i.e your oncologist, can’t be bothered to lift their head from the computer screen, or devalue your view, or don’t really even care about your essence or your story.

Today Angel and Dr E start a 6-part module based on Dr Awdish and Berry’s paper on the role of kindness in cancer care with deep listening.

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