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Ep54: Caring for the Caregiver (6 of 6 in Role of Kindness)

Module-Role of Kindness in Cancer Care
Episode 6-Caring for the Caregiver

Today Angel and Dr E celebrate an underappreciated, underutilized, and oftentimes invisible but vitally crucial member of the cancer survivor’s treatment team-their caregivers. They are the Clark Kents, the Bruce Waynes, the Peter Parkers and the Tony Starks; the ordinary manifestations of all of our superheroes. Without them our survivors would suffer more and have inferior outcomes than with them. So why are they ignored? Let’s find out!!

Supporting the Supporters: What Family Caregivers Need to Care for a Loved One with Cancer

Leonard L. Berry, PhD, MBA, Shraddha Mahesh Dalwadi, MBA, and Joseph O. Jacobson, MD, MSc

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